Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm a work in progress...

I have recently been more and more bothered with the fact that I do not know how to fix anything. I have recently had a deep-seated desire to be handy. I often get these spurts where I want to better myself. They typically pass pretty quickly.

My father knows how to fix everything. When I was little I felt I was the same way, like when you blow into the Nintendo game cartridge to get it to work with the original Nintendo system –stupid dust.

I now find myself budgeting for things to be repaired by someone who professionally repairs things, simply because I’d rather not try. For instance, the second row of seats in my Jeep fold-down to make more storage room. Recently, (and when I say recently, I mean about 4 months ago) the middle seat got stuck somehow and will not return to its regular upright position. There is not a lever associated with returning it to the regular upright position. You simply lift the seat up until it locks into place.

For the past four months the middle-row middle-seat has been stuck, folded down. I like to think of it as a new arm rest for my passangers, as opposed to a broken middle row seat. A friend recently asked if I ever plan on fixing it. I don’t personally… but I guess I should dig into the “fix broken shit” fund and take it to the dealership. Or since said fund is also tied to the “go out and have a good time” fund… maybe I should hit up my father to see if he could help me… and by help me, I mean fix it while I stand there and watch.

I am definitely a work in progress...

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